Snead - Long Over Due

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4:36 PM October 12, 2013 bwill54 said:

4:43 AM October 9, 2013 dennisdaustin said:

snizzle is back !
7:49 AM October 4, 2013 javier6 said:

you da kind of guy in da yo wit nun to smoke...nigga blacked yo eye and you,you had a pistol -Gucci Mane
12:38 AM October 3, 2013 tashsimone said:

one of the realist out the whole thing..keep doin what uu doin snizzle.. -REDD
7:50 PM October 1, 2013 Dreadman23 said:

Dat Boi Snead!!!!!
6:18 PM September 26, 2013 youngsmiley1127 via Mobile:

Man before the man going in hard
3:39 PM September 26, 2013 4Brick0City0 said:

damn i heard sht frm dis nigga since gucci "Hard 2 Kill" album, thought dis nigga was dead or sumthin
2:54 PM September 25, 2013 atliens69er2 said:

snead been gone so long its like he fell off. no mo fukin wit gucci? few tracks is coo but he got work to do to get bak on

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