Featured CLUBTAPES Re-Release

Released 10/3/2013

CVPELLV is an EDM DJ, musician and record producer with 15 years of history in music making, a collector of vintage synthesizers and a creator of cosmic sounds and futuristic tunes. BVDMVN is a dark side of the musical genius of one of the most famous russian EDM producers - CVPELLV. This release include collaborations with Desomorphine Brothers, Kicks & Snares, Rustep, Sasha JF, Teddy Killerz, CRVCK IT!, PLC, KING KONG MUSIC and have a great remixes of famous tracks! This is a BVDMVN sound! Go and check it! Exclusive by

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5:17 PM June 11, 2014 Zenki said:

big up all di massive
3:19 PM June 11, 2014 Pranayama said:

This sound like that ol school dubstep. Idk wtf in the water over there in Russia but this is knockin!
1:46 PM June 10, 2014 Zenki said:

good blood claat stuff
5:05 PM June 7, 2014 FaMESTaTUS said:

AVG straigH UP!
2:19 PM June 5, 2014 tong8 said:

gooood stuff
11:54 AM June 5, 2014 tillamonsta said:

that boy CVPELLV goes in.. russians ain't playin
11:47 AM June 5, 2014 tricsta said:

Russian trap sh!t
3:32 PM October 18, 2013 richroyal09 said:

**** is dope