RJ - O.M.M.I.O

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3:05 AM January 6, 2018 aaron1992 via Mobile:

RJ & YG My Nigz fr 💯
10:58 PM May 12, 2016 flease via Mobile:

Rj Mr L. A is the truth he on on his momma fools
6:09 AM June 26, 2015 quaccey said:

Watch who you talkin to lil loc. RJ better than cuz from his flow to his beats YG just got more material for now and mustard.
8:49 PM June 19, 2015 TravDaddy said:

wasn't a diss
w8n for MKL 2 and Just re'd up 3
pushaz/10summaz/400 records til its over
8:47 PM June 19, 2015 TravDaddy said:

DONT GET IT F&cked ^: yeah i said YG>Rj but that only b/c:
2. RJ
3. Slim400
Teeflii & Ty$ for Rachet R and B
Mustard on the track
2:20 AM June 11, 2015 quaccey said:

Why u hatin on RJ. YOU mad he finna take over the west
8:56 PM June 2, 2015 TravDaddy said:

9:34 PM March 29, 2015 byrd95x said:

This mixtape a true classic!! I been bumping it every day since i first heard...mad love from Florida my nigga 💯💯✔👍👍👍