Luzcid - La Pistola

¡LA PISTOLA¡ is LUZCID's second seven track EP on ClubTapes. Much like its predecessor, “Shot Caller”, ¡LA PISTOLA! displays how versatile LUZCID’s style can be. They began producing hip-hop and trap but quickly started blending popular EDM genre’s to create a sound that is eclectic yet familiar. The EP begins with a Spanish bullfighter anthem from the 1950’s and quickly evolves into a Trap EDM banger. As the EP progresses, LUZCID’s adaptations of Hip-Hop, Club, Bass, Twerk, and Big Room House become more and more apparent. The two prereleases off LA PISTOLA¡, “Right Now” and “50 ¢ Shake”, have already garnered much positive attention from renowned producers and fans alike. With seven tracks blending across six genres there is surely something for everyone on LA PISTOLA

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10:57 PM September 27, 2013 melparadise said:

that yourundacovaluva hates on every single mixtape. seriously, look under other tapes on this site & see 4 urself lol #truth #hater #getalifesucka
10:55 PM September 27, 2013 melparadise said:

love it
3:58 PM September 26, 2013 StephenIsADumb said:

Dude, why worry about one guy's opinion? Your followers love your stuff and that's all that should matter!
1:59 PM September 26, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:


The download will start in seconds