Yellow Claw - Amsterdam Twerk Music

Spotted At MadDecent

The follow up EP to Yellow Claw’s epic Jeffree’s debut, Amsterdam Twerk Music cleans up your definition of “dirty” just so they can strip it down to booty claps and bass rolls. The first track, “DJ Turn It Up” is a subtle dance floor anthem reminiscent of the heavy bass from your nostalgic middle school days of grinding to timeless hip-hop anthems. On the second track, Yellow Claw teams up with Tropkillaz and The Kemist to bring us 'Assets',a track that twists its vocals in a way that winds through the most bass-hungry, whimsical quarter of your imagination. 'P*$$YRICH feat. Adje' then transports you deeper into Yellow Claw’s bass dungeon, leaving its victims up against the walls bumping and grinding till sunrise. Amsterdam Twerk Music concludes with 'Slow Down', an addictive baseline paired with a jock-jams reminiscent hook. Yellow Claw are the tastemakers of guilty pleasure. But lets be honest… there’s no guilt attached to the obsession.

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8:05 PM December 5, 2016 FlexMax2016 said:

AMAZING !!! I love it !!!
9:01 PM October 2, 2013 Albunz said:

11:35 AM September 28, 2013 supa_hiro said:

that **** is the bomb YC NEVA DIE!!!!!

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