Gini - Gini F. Kennedy

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2:44 PM October 15, 2013 a_hepburn91 said:

double G thats the Gini girl logo
4:22 PM September 28, 2013 thelilro said:

turn up, da tape riding !! salute
3:35 PM September 28, 2013 Teewoods said:

I want the car, I even want the dogg house! wow. good stuff!
3:08 PM September 28, 2013 EastsideRepper said:

lol heck naww! I like that takeover skit! My president is black and my lambo is blue! hahaha.
3:01 PM September 28, 2013 BigNorthC said:

Ive seen this online. was waiting for this to drop. Gini & Dj knight nice work homies! Salute!
2:40 PM September 28, 2013 EastsideRepper said:

This mixtape is ridin!!