King Hearns - On My Skin Reloaded

Louisiana artist, King Hearns is the face and voice behind the "On My Skin" movement gaining popularity throughout the US. The movement is tattoo inspired and represents a sense of honesty and truth. When someone uses the phrase "I put that on my skin" there is honesty and truth behind that statement. Real life experiences are the subject of most of the songs that you will hear from King Hearns "I'm actually giving my fans my testimony in my music". "It sounds so much better coming from someone who actually lived what they speak about". On My Skin"(Reloaded) is King Hearns first worldwide release since his return. He released "On My Skin" in 2012, but only in the streets as he toured throughout Louisiana, Texas and Atlanta. Alot of artist come out strong and use all their bullets at once, but King Hearns is "RELOADED".

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