Munchi - Moombahton Is Dead EP

So what the f*ck is up people of the internets?! I'm still alive and shit, still eating that kapsalon at your favorite kebab spot and still not giving a f*ck. You know how it goes, it's a habit. Recently I started trolling asking if the Mombahtone lyfe is dead. Is it? Well, I don't know. But it seems to me that everyone is too busy twerking or some shit like that. Which is cool, but some Moohmbaten vibes would be real nice too right? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT 2. So I hit up some friends and started a label. Why? Why the f*ck not? And here we are, not giving a f*ck about your mom and REALLY F*CKING EXCITED about this shit right here. In a bit you'll know why. I don't even know why you are reading this you nerd. WHY ARE YOU EVEN READING THIS BRAH?! It's okay though. I'm a nerd too and stoked as f*ck. Hey, I guess we all get like that once in a while. 'shrug' I'm uploading this shit rn at the only McDonalds in like 21762792 radius in the middle of nowhere @ Spain. Don't ask. These internet shops over here are too prehistoric son. FOR REAL. Like on some Windows 2000 shit. F*CK IT. SLOW ASS MC D'S INTERNET, SITTING HERE WITHOUT ORDERING THESE MUTATED FOODS. F*CK YEAH. LETS DO THIS MOUMBATUNE THING. So enough with the casual conversation starter. DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!

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5:15 PM December 18, 2016 FlexMax2016 said:

Very very NICE
2:11 PM October 9, 2013 tyler3210 said:

munchi tune is hot
5:45 PM October 7, 2013 djbugz said:

Best tape of 2013
4:13 PM October 6, 2013 djflacoflash said:

10:44 PM October 4, 2013 light1 said:

Run The Trvp!!