K Digga - Alagasko

Drops On Halloween!

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9:55 AM March 6, 2014 Kingofbham62 said:

My nigga k digga. I think atl niggaz hatin on my boy as far as artist yo gotti be biting my dog like a mf wit no shout out or nothing I met this nigga magic classic 09 real cool dude
2:08 PM January 3, 2014 backwoodsGA via Mobile:

My nigga kdigga
3:03 AM November 22, 2013 Willisjay said:

Digga my nigga my nigga... The gas man! Where u at?? Lol
4:48 PM November 21, 2013 leaveme3 said:

"lo meiiinnnnn, im lo mane". lol remix!
7:04 PM November 20, 2013 Livinforme83 said:

Omg digga!!! I see you.. I always knew you would be the best!!!
5:20 PM November 18, 2013 rewindit5 said:

this tape go hard.
5:14 PM November 18, 2013 youlovejess said:

keep up the good **** man...we need more real music outchea!!
9:14 PM November 6, 2013 Snipe3 said:

I can make tha money flyyyy... Ain't nuttin to it... Check tha resume shawty know I do it!!!! #alagasko