Super Helpful Kwame - Sober

Super Helpful Kwame; the student of the rap game and formerly of the group Super Helpful with Chuck Strangers and Lee Bannon is an emcee with abstract rhymes and includes producing as one of his biggest aspects for his sound. It all started from cyphering in the city of NY with many known artists before their rise until growing tired of the same sounds of hip hop. Growing tired resulted into Kwame creating his own sounds. At only age 22, this Brooklyn native has made an appearance on for the track, Sumo, with an additional verse from, Pro Era's Chuck Strangers. In addition his track with Joey Bada$$ & Chuck Strangers, Lawns ended up landing on Pro Era's PEEP The Aprocalypse. Kwame was able to make a successful EP, The Help, with the help of [Lee] Bannon & Chuck [Strangers]. An entire album was constructed and only took 5 days. He was also featured on for his The Help EP the beginning of this year. VICE recently premiered the first single Cute Is The Most Condescending Compliment (C.M.C.C) from his upcoming project, SOBER which vibes were inspired from all aspects of life but artist such as Eminem, Andre3000, Salvador Dali, Kid Cudi, Quentin Tarantino, Nas and many more.

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6:08 PM November 11, 2013 cnieto20 said:

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2:44 PM October 17, 2013 SuperHelpfulBK via Mobile:

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2:20 AM October 9, 2013 swag4daze said:

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