The Game - OKE (Operation Kill Everything)

DJs: DJ Skee
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9:23 PM July 20, 2015 robpresident20 via Mobile:

4:40 PM March 23, 2015 Lucious41 via Mobile:

#1 best on track I agree.
8:54 AM September 22, 2014 blknyllw2010 via Mobile:

Game better than most rappers period you dont wanna battle challenge or temp this nigga he got bars believe dat playboy
10:36 AM December 18, 2013 LNLGETemBOY said:

The score is disrespectful dis the best mixtape out on life!
6:53 PM December 13, 2013 ctp said:

chuck only make classic ish
8:31 AM December 12, 2013 mrchitown5 said:

Dis **** got da rite name Game did his thang on dis one dis **** go hard from start to finish dr dre stupid for not ****in wit Game u see wut 50 doin not ****
2:34 PM December 10, 2013 aaronarthur2324 said:

I swear to GOD this tape hard a** F***....On track 3, Game was on his Kendrick Lamar flow mixed J Cole....& the beat sound like Cole would be on str8 up
4:55 PM December 8, 2013 sorwick said:

6 goes too hard