Duelle - Colorblind EP

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The EDM/Hip-Hop sister duo, known as Duelle is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Recording original tracks since 2008, the duo has finally reached a platform in which they can showcase what they have to offer as artists. Duelle is consistently striving to bring forth a new aspect into the realm of EDM live performance by integrating their strong classical dance background coupled with live vocals and taking part as DJ's during their set. The first release of "Your Addiction," brought about a buzz on top blog sites, putting the duo on the map in the EDM world which led to winning an Emerging Artist contest with a Beatport release of their big single. The success and reaction of the first single has given a huge hype for the full release of their EP, "Colorblind." Duelle has recently signed an upcoming single with Buygore Records set to release fall 2013. Other exclusives include "Your Addiction" Remix by Culture Code (UK) and trap single "PSYCHO" with rising producer/DJ eLLofunk. Gaining a recognizable appearance and big hype together, the duo [Duelle] and DJ [eLLofunk] combo is known as 'Duellofunk' when they come together to throw down and get the crowd raging.

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