From Memphis,TN, one of the newest members of the Street Executives and Paper Route Empire's official dj, returns with his second installment of his "Respect My Come Up" series. Enjoy the exclusives!

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5:21 PM January 17, 2014 youngtrigga23 said:

#18 running. Solo Lucci got something
5:51 PM November 5, 2013 CjdaOne said:

#15 Coldwater Ms #FBM **** go hard!!!!!!!!!
10:23 PM October 29, 2013 swishman said:

look yall tht dude on 11, he be errywhere!
6:18 PM October 22, 2013 youngtrigga23 said:

17 on repeat
1:08 AM October 15, 2013 yannycash said:

Quan tha don next up shout out.BBe ent
2:32 PM October 14, 2013 yannycash said:

Get quan da don need mixtape tha come uprockste

Get quan da don new mixtape tha come up hosted by dj rocksteddy
feat young dolph. And kevin gates
7:14 PM October 13, 2013 jteezy313 said:

no jigg? wtf
12:41 PM October 13, 2013 yannycash said:

Quan da don and na tee Need to do a song

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