Calliko - Chief

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11:12 PM October 25, 2013 kball33 said:

i fux w my nigga the long way! East Mo on the map
9:53 PM October 19, 2013 tywalk said:

QC on the map once again! Keep doin it big! Sambo hit you with the 350! he better have that fire haha...
8:32 PM October 15, 2013 mcaldwe86 said:

This is a true demonstration of raw talent!! You are amazing at what you do! Continue to raise the bar and prosper #Salute
8:36 AM October 15, 2013 NikkiNikki625 via Mobile:

S/o to @calliko! Do ya thing homie.. this record can't be touched! Share this link with your friends and family!! #replay #repeat
6:31 PM October 14, 2013 kdavidson0301 said:

this shyit go dumb! s/o to calliko, dis nigga puts in mad ****in work! #canabound #17
5:24 PM October 14, 2013 StackOrStarveMixtapes said:

10:02 AM October 14, 2013 TheGoodFlyYoung said:

s/o to @calliko for puttin the Quad Cities on the map!!!! #309 #563
9:36 AM October 14, 2013 Godssonpaul said:

This looks interestin my nigga #KING PAUL