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There are many criticisms of hip hop that we the hip hop community must take responsibility for. However, we are not apathetic, we are only painted that way by people who expect artists to be solely responsible for addressing social ills. I cannot tell you how many times I hear the complaint that hip hop doesn't speak for the community by people who are too lazy to support any hip hop beyond what is forced down their throat thru corporate radio. Since when do we let corporations decide who speaks for us?

The radio game is pay for play, strictly. That is why new artists do not get a shot; that is why you hear the same five songs by the same five artists over and over again. There are only a handful of labels who have the capital and the will to spend the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to bribe djs to play records.

The artists have always maintained a balance and made songs that cover the concerns of the entire community, even the so called radio artists. But this heartfelt music is often shoved under the rug and pushed aside for assembly line rap about destroying our communities and degrading our women. As someone who is blessed to do hip hop music for a living, I often come across beautiful hip hop that never makes it into the consciousness of the mainstream. I decided that I would attempt to expose some of this music, so that we as a community would have a sound track to vibrate higher to. I got with the homie DJ Spintelect and we selected songs from high profile artists that have been released over the last year or two that speak directly to conditions in our communities. Some of these songs you may have heard, some you may have not, but you haven't heard this wonderful music collected in one place. We are attempting to create a sustained experience of positive, uplifting hip hop that is as equally dope as it is conscious. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

All Power to the People!

- Talib Kweli

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4:54 PM February 15, 2016 kingkushington247 via iOS App:

It's a cold world
4:53 PM February 15, 2016 kingkushington247 via iOS App:

3:03 PM October 25, 2013 status17 said:

flavor music to vibe to!much respect to Talib Kweli legendary and DJ Spintelect with a new movement!please support keep it coming!BX NY
3:01 AM October 23, 2013 dblockindabuildin said:

Anyone who doesn't like this is probably sitting somewhere jacking off to Chief Keef. This is real music.
8:59 PM October 22, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

3:41 PM October 22, 2013 KingDB4 via Mobile:

2:57 PM October 22, 2013 9inchesandproud said:

REAL ****
2:45 PM October 22, 2013 Coo225 via Mobile:

macklemore spoke the truth hate it or love it