Trudo & FrontStreet - Face Off

Face/Off is hosted by Cool Runnings DJ Bigga Rankin, DJ Krunch One & Hoodrich ENT's DJ Lil Keem, and will include singles like 'Say Sumthin' by Trudo and 'Piped Up' by Frontstreet. The duo had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's heavy hitters such as Grammy-Award winning songwriter/producer Malik Yusef, Zaytoven, Zayvons Way and Mercy and D-Low, which will surely stir the underground hip hop pot. 'I am excited to do what I do best, which is music. Face/Off is a new chapter of my career and I look forward to sharing this special moment with my supporters at the listening session,' stated Frontstreet..

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10:40 AM November 11, 2013 Bigmoneytalkent said:

I support the movement, this is some real street music
8:25 PM November 9, 2013 Bossmade305 said:

GoodLife DEfinately makin NOISE out here in the city, Bankhead stand up, frontstreet n Trudo #salute
1:01 PM November 9, 2013 turnupking said:

these niggas all over my timeline on IG, had to check it out, and i must say everything A1 im rockin wit it
12:18 PM November 9, 2013 loudcrazy2 said:

Man this **** go hard.... I'm ****in wit the movement.... GLMG
5:05 PM November 6, 2013 mikewilll87 said:

good to see frontstreet dont his thing, that nigga trudo a problem..this whole tape hard, but piped up and NO **** my **** and say sumthin
4:40 PM November 6, 2013 dariusgrantA1 said:

salute to trudo and frontstreet im rockin with this HARD #Street****
7:31 PM October 27, 2013 casshenia via Mobile:

Where can I download this mixtape?
7:19 PM October 27, 2013 1prince via Mobile:

Yall didn't get dat boi lil tony part on tha Nat Nat aww ! Man my boi went in on dat bit