Lola Monroe - Lipstick & Pistols

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7:17 AM February 24, 2016 hottcoco1987 via Mobile:

Bad ***** certified very gorgeous and talented
1:42 AM February 10, 2014 musicismylife901 said:

LoLa Monroe has music and production and rhymes that I can ride to. I cant picture driving blasting Pink Friday. Nicki is more so for the gay men and females. Men and women could ride to LoLa
1:41 AM February 10, 2014 musicismylife901 said:

To be honest. Nicki Minaj fans think everyone wants to be like Nicki. So there is no point of arguing with that stan base. They are narrow minded because all they listen to is Nicki.
1:39 AM February 10, 2014 musicismylife901 said:

HEr and Nicki Minaj dont even rap about the same content. THE ONLY similarities I see is that they both have high pitched nasally voices and they both are known for their big booties.
5:53 AM January 26, 2014 tangelated said:

lola and nicki very different lola the queen bosset u dig
10:46 AM November 4, 2013 Damaggio via Mobile:

Lola ainnt no nicki wannabe lola n robin thicke wrote a lot of nicki material that barbie **** came from lola
6:42 PM October 30, 2013 bsiffy said:

song with los is the best one
6:36 PM October 30, 2013 Talentosajazzy said:

She Not A Nicki Minaj Wanna Be So Dont Compare Her To Nicki

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