A Strange Mixtape (The Sessions)

This project was supposed to originally be released about 2 years ago. I never had the chance to complete it but have decided to release what was accomplished during that time. The initial idea was to sample Mayer Hawthorne's album "A Strange Arrangement" and create songs with original verses over beats with those samples. Most people are unaware that before Mayer, he was a DJ known by the name of DJ Haircut. I wanted to recreate the album as if he were still a DJ and what it might have sounded like. I hope you understand the vision and enjoy the music. Cheers.

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2:02 AM May 2, 2017 royallm7s via Mobile:

Wille the kid. Willie the king! Killer Arm boss. 🏆😎.
11:58 AM January 5, 2016 Bahrbeeb via Mobile:

I like #2! #3missing something, 4, 6, 8 niiice job..15 is captivating! Roll on