Mike Jones - Back Ballin' Underground

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3:28 PM January 18, 2014 JAYSHA24 said:

#wmj........aint never left keep keep it popn G
5:16 PM January 16, 2014 reda1ert36 said:

im glad this nigga came back man!!! been that nigga since 05 keep that **** rollin cuz! more Platinum hits bruh!
7:35 PM January 15, 2014 JAYSHA24 said:

dope *** mixtape salute mike jones
12:17 AM November 27, 2013 JayySavageeHoee via Mobile:

Same chain he still got the same chain .
9:31 PM November 6, 2013 SandrellA100 said:

wtf mike?
9:33 PM November 3, 2013 j1391 said:

man I thought this was the old balling underground I was finna say that **** was classic bak in the day. but I cant vibe wit him now.
9:29 PM November 3, 2013 ZayFL said:

I use to **** wit Mike back in da day(2001-2004) but dat nigga sorry AF now & why is he jst now doin dees remix of songs that came out 2 years ago...#AWKWARD
6:17 PM November 3, 2013 lilavery08 said:

tooooo late mike jones