Wave Chapelle - It'll All Make Sense Soon

Everything authentic. That is the tag line 19 year old hip hop artist Wave Chappelle chooses to live by. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wave is determined to be a staple in the hip hop world. Having landed in Memphis just 3 months ago to attend college at Lemoyne-Owen College. Little did anyone in the world or mid south know that Wave was crafting a master plan entitled "IT'LL MAKE SENSE SOON". Teaming up with one of the Hottest DJ's in the Midsouth DJ ROCK STEDDY. Wave has set the seen on fire. #IAMSS is a force to be reckoned with slick word play over classic production from Coldway, Beat Brokers Network & Dj Charlie White just to name a few. #IAMSS may very well be a game changer.

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4:03 PM July 14, 2014 phsuns14 said:

i was mad when lil snupe died cuz he was my only favorite rapper i ever had but wave might be my next. and we the same age. hopefully he dont go too
12:07 AM April 26, 2014 yunginquez via Mobile:

I gave him a listen cause yo gotti ... dope tho
8:30 PM April 2, 2014 bashlon via Mobile:

Milwaukee....killwaukee....brew city 414..........
1:00 PM December 24, 2013 Guttalyfebaby5 said:

5:44 PM November 16, 2013 yannycash said:

I Like This tape. Coming frm BBE ent. Quan tha don. Shouts out to paper route empire
5:42 PM November 16, 2013 yannycash said:

BBE ent quan da don.
12:57 AM November 13, 2013 DJELPLAGA via Mobile:

I vote for it
1:00 AM November 7, 2013 charmy104 said:

Dope but check out "The Craft" though Jay mellz is too serious! BUT YOU GOTTA LISTEN! Vote up we all tryna come up!