John John Da Don - Shrug Or Die

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12:49 AM November 7, 2013 charmy104 said:

But check out "The Craft" though. Jay Mellz is a lyrical genius no lie
12:37 PM November 4, 2013 djflatline516 said:

#ShrugOrDie #TCM #GPK #IMG
12:27 PM November 4, 2013 djflatline516 said:

i normally dont respond to bull**** lol but do your research before you start talking sideways ...... thanks for the comment and the view #ShurgOrDie #TCM #GPK #IMG
3:59 PM November 3, 2013 coolrunningsDjs said:

why they need all these sorry DJ's to host one tape and aint none of these dj's real dj's they dont know how to work no tables they sum drop and drag dj's
10:19 PM November 2, 2013 GeoPerezFilms via Mobile:

Ima big fan of his battles but i never heard his music, i was a little skeptical but its waaaay better then i expected, def got replay value!! Point for Yonkers nikkas!!
9:11 PM November 2, 2013 kiki249 via Mobile:

I ****s with john john da don heavy
3:35 PM November 2, 2013 Frontline_BREEZE said:

but ...gary coleman shrugged & he died ..

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