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DJ Plugg & DJ Jay T Presents 'Buddie' of the popular Atlanta Group "Dem Franchize Boyz" is back with his solo tape and ready to blast off his solo career!!! and it also features 2 of the artists from his old group.

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4:34 PM December 7, 2013 1cashchaser said:

This mixtape was alright, it was so so. If I had to grade it I would give it a c-. I hope buddie drop some more mixtapes and they better be good.
4:25 PM December 7, 2013 1cashchaser said:

You already know I ****s with dem franchize boyz, I love they music. I wish they would come back and drop another album. I miss dem franchize boyz, I like dem franchize boyz.
4:22 PM December 7, 2013 1cashchaser said:

This mixtape wasn't all that bad I liked 6 songs on this mixtape and they were temporary, u thank u good, hard 4 the next, best meal of the day, c u dance, yelll.
9:09 AM November 4, 2013 quic2dewityells said:

I ****s wit
1:37 AM November 3, 2013 bleantgsent said:

Get It LIVE! http://livemixtap.es/j5p @IndyTapes @Chee_Ali
12:45 AM November 3, 2013 mista_1300 said:

it aint all that good but #4 and #10 go hard tho