Kingman Fire - Moombah De Los Muertos

Spotted At DoAndroidsDance

In the spirit of the seasonal Moombahton compilations of 2010 & 2011, Kingman Fire (Pickster & Melo) reached out to a few of their favorite producers with the goal of releasing a free collection of Latin based Moombahton tracks & edits. The result is 18 tracks of Latin heat. Touching on both sides of the spectrum with peak hour bangers from Sabo, Happy Colors & CODA, Ricky Vaughn & Mayra Veronica, Noizekid & Addictiv, Danny G, Locomotive & Melo, Madd OD and Kapo to the more Vibey sounds of Mendez, Kingman Fire, Dany F, Jon Kwest, Dale Earnheart and No Joda, this collection truly has something for everyone. Proving that Moombahton is alive & well in 2013, as a play on words Kingman Fire proudly present Moombah De Los Muertos.

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