Marian Mereba - Room For Living Remixes


The Babylon Cartel continues to find ways of pushing the envelope in fashion as well as music. That being said we would like to re-introduce you to Marian Mereba. Just a few months ago we wrote about her amazing Room For Living EP , we were amazed by the maturity in musical palette from a woman that is nowhere near 30. Usually you only get this type of presence and musical IQ from an Erykah Badu, Sade or Toni Braxton. ( Just to name a few ) Nevertheless we are not here to put the Philly native in a box, because honestly we can' put a finger on this sound and we don't need to. Sit back, shut up & Enjoy.
( Look for Marian's full-length album in the near future )
The Room for Living Remixes is a unique spin on the groundbreaking Room for Living EP released by Marian Mereba February of 2013. The 16-song collection features production from some of the finest rising talent and collaborations with a diverse range of upcoming artists. The project displays the worldly, limitless versatility of Marian Mereba's sound while also highlighting the special culture behind the Indie music scene in Atlanta, GA.

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Marian Mereba - Go to London

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