DJs: Mix Mason
Music has no boundaries – music reaches beyond sound, making emotional impacts on those that it touches. The greatest artists and music enthusiasts embrace these limitless possibilities and take every opportunity to expand the influence music has on the world. MIXMASON – DJ, selector, coordinator and music connoisseur, has turned his personal passion into astounding professional success in all aspects of the industry. Starting out in Boston as a local DJ with a curious ear for identifying catchy melodies and percussion lines, MIXMASON began his career deeply rooted in hip-hop and reggae influences. In no time he was developing an eclectic palette for musical flavors – traveling the country and picking up sounds of Baltimore club, electro, moombahton, indie rock, dance and trap. His commitment to identifying great music and spreading it to fans everywhere extended beyond seamlessly integrating new sounds into his DJ sets. After moving to Los Angeles in pursuit of professional growth, MIXMASON has more opportunity than ever – taking on a Music Supervisor role with Hit The Ground Running. MIXMASON is now recognized equally for his scouting and scoring of major television and film productions, as well as his ability to move crowds with his live turntable sets. From nightclubs to corporate events to film premieres, MIXMASON consistently rocks parties throughout the Los Angeles nightlife scene. At the same time he is pushing the musical envelope in all aspects of the entertainment industry. With endless possibilities – MIXMASON is just getting started in changing the way the world experiences music.

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