S.I.K. - This Weekend No Chaser

DJs: DJ 864
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6:39 PM November 15, 2013 skindell said:

Ayeee it's @gnarlycee ... Been rockin with y'all for a minute. Keep grindin!!! STEP OUT LIKE A PIP NO GLADYS KNIGHT... HAD A LONG DAYYY LOL AYEEE
9:46 AM November 15, 2013 x_fashion said:

y'all gone make it somewhere. fr 1 uh yall lil cousins put me on dis I be jiggin ta dis every day
7:31 PM November 14, 2013 Traeday16 said:

Love it y'all! Great job did it for the ratchets 😂👍💃👯
8:32 AM November 14, 2013 x_fashion said:

that's my cousinnnnnnn Savageeeee doing big things! Turnup!
2:03 AM November 14, 2013 TheStarKW said:


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