Deadcrow - Moodswing

Deadcrow (Felix Ruocco) is a 16 year old producer from The Hague, Holland. Born as the son of John Ruocco (jazz saxophonist) he grew up with music. He has played drums since he was 3 and started producing at the age of 12, making hardstyle and such harder electronic genres. Deadcrow mostly stands for trap with a different touch, with influences from hardstyle/core, dubstep and drum & bass. Some triphop does also pop by sometimes.

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12:47 PM February 6, 2014 bigblessin said:

This is nice man. Keep up the good work.
9:45 PM November 18, 2013 djbrandon30 said:

there all great man, they all don't sound the same and great job bro!
8:38 PM November 18, 2013 JCorona said:

1 trippy manee!