O'Grime - B.A.N.D. EP

Spotted At MadDecent

O'Grime presents their latest EP, B.A.N.D. + Yopacalypse Featuring Lofty305 & DJA. Now, if you were expecting for them to do something different, then you are wise. It's their first fully animated video and first single off their 'B.A.N.D.' EP. No matter what the output is, they always deliver a new progressive sound, fusing elements of hip hop, eerie bass, and wholehearted yoppin'. Also, be on the lookout of L.Rey's upcoming album "Puerto Rican Smokey" due early 2014.


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3:15 PM November 21, 2013 DataBass said:

Love the B.A.N.D video bro! More of this please.