Big Pun - La Leyenda (The Legend)

After filing S4MP Remixes with Bodega Bamz and joining TANBOYS, international producer based in Spain, Slash Major presents a new mixtape with Latin essence, in this occasion remixing the legend Big Pun on the day after his birth, to pay tribute to the first Latino MC who get a platinum.

The mixtape titled "LA LEYENDA" (THE LEGEND) consists of 8 major successes from the Boricua MC, where we can hear from 90's sounding beats, to a mix of classic beats and Latin rhythms like salsa or merengue and even bachata.

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8:35 PM May 16, 2017 WeeZYaDiggMontana via iOS App:

November 10th same bday as my brother #Boricua 🇵🇷
1:28 AM December 22, 2015 Killwaukee via iOS App:

Dis nigga dope as hell. He got da same birthday as my brother. Yo soy Boricua 🇵🇷
2:49 PM December 30, 2013 Mcrem said:

@bigbrotherbrown86 lol Im not plain... **** all spics and big pun
1:46 AM November 23, 2013 bigbrotherbrown86 said:

@Mcrem **** you whatever the **** u are u insignificant piece of nothing!
2:54 PM November 20, 2013 mr_sda said:

mr criminal go harder than pun **** capone- e go harder then pun
2:14 AM November 20, 2013 DIRTYD02130 said:

FUKK mcren!!! and whatever you are!!! PR Standing tall you little *****
10:58 PM November 18, 2013 chicagokidd5 said:

this is some hot **** dood : mad respect
10:32 PM November 18, 2013 Mcrem via Mobile:

**** big pun **** all spic's