ST Dot - The Gray Tape

A product of Houston, TX by way of the Midwest, S T Dot is a musical powerhouse to be reckoned with. The Gray Tape is a riveting account of what this street legend has had to endure, while rising to the top. Though the story line is rough, his smooth demeanor camouflages any sign that hes a new comer in the music game. Throughout this project, ST showcases his lyrical versatility, as he so effortlessly spits clever punch-lines and adlibs on each track. His newest single Jacked, embodies the true meaning of trap music. He exudes confidence while boasting via the songs hook, All that gold round ya neck got you paranoid.. I wont bust a sweat I aint paranoid! In the concrete jungle theres a fine line between the hunter and the hunted; this track solidifies that ST is most definitely not the prey.

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8:43 AM December 8, 2013 MOSS6ERGGANGENT said:

DOPE****!!!!! NUFFSAID!!!! DBC SALUTE!!!!!
2:52 PM December 6, 2013 nicolecrews said:

S/O to Tay Keith for the production, he on point.
2:48 PM December 6, 2013 bettypineda said:

**** nice bro.
2:33 PM December 6, 2013 edithholmes said:

Im Killin This ****!!!!!
2:29 PM December 6, 2013 michaelharvey said:

I dont care what anyone one here says, his music is holding hip hop/rap down in 2 ways. They lyrical and the word play in cold!
11:49 AM December 6, 2013 perezsally said:

Tracks is tight as **** and of course Bigga got the illest drops.
10:55 AM December 6, 2013 wilmagibson551 said:

nigga ST Dot spittin fire!**** is grimey as ****!
10:49 AM December 6, 2013 samanthasosa said:

The Gray Tape is one of the best albums on this site period! I am a lil Midwest biased though. hahaha