Rambo Da G - Too Trill

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5:11 PM July 29, 2016 krunchythapimp via Android App:

You bout too take off RAMBO!!! GOOD JOB KP$
1:07 PM January 30, 2014 RastaGoblin via Mobile:

That nigga Jabb a hoe real live.
7:48 PM November 29, 2013 Booklove via Mobile:

I LOVE the whole cd.... Great job Son!!!! I'm so very proud of u... Keep going..... But uuuuummmm, it will not allow me to download it..... I need to be able to rock wit it in the car.... Love u!!!!!
3:11 PM November 29, 2013 Desi2Cute said:

RAMBO!!! G**** Tho!.... Love It!
2:23 PM November 29, 2013 realnxggawuddup said:

whole tape is solid! Reminds me of old T.I. album
2:17 PM November 29, 2013 turnup375 said:

Street Ties goes too hard!
1:10 PM November 29, 2013 djtranereck said:

Whatchu SNO is a BANGER! #TooTrill
1:07 PM November 29, 2013 smokndopez11 said:

Whole tape is nothing but dat SMOKE! 1-11 CRANK! RAMBOOOO!!!!