Freddy Todd - The Collabo Series

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Welcome to the first volume of 'The Collabo Series', a collaborative effort between me and some of my closest homies, colleagues, and comrades. Each of these tracks were made in only a couple of days during random time off from shows on tour, in completely different locations, at completely different times, with completely different genres and artists (besides myself, although one could argue I was a completely different self at each of these sessions, but, I digress). Thriftworks and I sat down at his chill studio in Berkeley, CA and ended up sampling his cabinet hinges and a music box for our tune in the not so distant past, kLL sMTH and I in his heady paulo santo rinsed studio in Boulder, CO, Robotic Pirate Monkey also in their studio in Boulder, CO with a beautifully hazy view of the Rockies, and Samples at Mikey Fisher's studio in the tenderloin of San Francisco, with Samples collaboration being the oldest, written in early 2010 when we were both booked together at our first show in California, with the other three written in the past year or so.

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