iiMPOSTER - Happy Hardcore

iiMPOSTOR is a South African based electronic musician with a focus on Dubstep and Heavy Electro. iiMPOSTOR began his musical journey exploring Metal and HardRock, playing drums and then guitar in various local bands. After falling in love with the EDM explosion, he decided to go solo and began producing his own filth-driven electronic music, but with a more up beat style.Based in Johannesburg, iiMPOSTOR has been building a steady following with his edgy, cheeky approach to live performance and off-beat, melodic tracks that hit hard and dirty!

One day iiMPOSTOR hopes to build a mechanical unicorn capable of interstellar travel so he can travel to the edge of the universe and discover what sounds exist on planet Zlo0blar 7.

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