Young Champ & Project Pat - Sack Money The Mixtape

DJ Rob Mista DMV & upcoming hip hop artist Young Champ from the nations capital Washington DC bring you Sack Money collabo mixtape featuring down south veteran Project Pat & DC's own Fallen Kings Records!!!

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8:16 PM December 20, 2015 Rmuzik101 said:

#6 all commenting niggas tlkin sh!t, idc!!
4:26 PM January 5, 2014 Mcrem said:

#3 lyrics from young champ are beyond ***... Im going to continue even tho I should be out
12:09 PM January 4, 2014 rapofgod via Mobile:

Ay pat hard who dis nigga should did a mixtape wit jimmy jr he from Memphis
4:25 PM December 27, 2013 slimmcutta said:

yes surrr dis ride to hard !!!! I'm ****in wit it, shot out to them boyz in the dmv mane...project pat & lil awree... I'm looking for mo
4:30 PM December 10, 2013 ajnorman0903 said:

I Like ! PS: Turn Up Tuesdays @ Blue Flame Lounge Atlanta Ask For Madison
7:51 PM December 5, 2013 5crew5ociety said:

5:11 PM December 3, 2013 jaydc27 said:

Goin ham u hear me kill!!!!! Dc love my city slim
4:11 PM December 2, 2013 mr_sda said:

puttin them mexicans on shiiiit good to see somebody who aint like buster this or ese that.