ADG - Ya'll Ain't Gota F*ck Wit Me

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9:18 AM December 17, 2013 affiliatedmuzic via Mobile:

Young nigga working @affiliated_atl
11:16 AM December 10, 2013 dat_kid_sean said:

I Love this Mixtape, ADG keep up the Good Work im Behind you all
The Way to the To #LostRoyalty!!! Signed Kendra :-*
10:00 AM December 8, 2013 DaeDae123b said:

This mixtape hot somebody need to put it on radio.
1:15 PM December 3, 2013 sheery11 said:

i luv the # 10!!!!! hot!!! Go ADG!
9:28 AM December 3, 2013 vitocassiferro via Mobile:

Kid kid u see wat hard work get you o.n.e. lostroyalty
9:16 AM December 3, 2013 daedae123b55 said:

This a fye mixtape bra yall go vote for my homie #28
8:08 PM December 1, 2013 bobbiemeriweather via Mobile:

I love it Lil Bruh. Keep up the good work. Even if the world turns you'll always have me as a supporter
3:51 PM December 1, 2013 sheery11 said:

OMG! this n*ga cold yo. #NyLuv