Collective EP

Spotted At Upscale Recordings Website

Upscale Recordings, Sub-label of Adapted Records. Our goal as a label is to release only the highest quality music we can within the 'neuro' genre. We plan to push undiscovered talent, and additionally provide a respectable place for already established artists to release their works. We focus on primarily 100bpm (neurohop) yet hold no tight restrictions on genre. The goal of Upscale is to implement talent without limiting creativity and innovation. The people running the shop here are Corey David (Adapted Records), Alden Groves (Evoke) and Nolan Petruska (Frequent). With the already established success of Adapted, the success and growth of Upscale artists is inevitable. Also, with 2 artists onboard, quality music can be ensured from not only a listener's standpoint, a technical/production centered standpoint as well.

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