Ninjamonk - The Ritual

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Deep in the pacific, there is a remote location where Far East sounds meets West coast bass, and these sounds are expressed through Ninjamonk's latest release, The Ritual. This 7 track release tastefully blends melodic instruments from Far East cultures (like Japan), with rhythmic cornerstones of Indian music (like the tabla), all the while slapping a West coast feel on each track. Ninjamonk uses several music composition techniques to achieve an aurally pleasant experience. While some songs are driven by a traditional melody, other tracks focus more on multi-layer harmonies or polyrhythms. With multi-layered dimensions to each song, The Ritual is sure to take you on into more relaxed states of consciousness. Merging mystic vibrations from the east with west coast bass music, Ninjamonk is a sonic shaman, on a mission to save the world through sound. Ninjamonk hails from the luscious Pacific Northwest, delivering sacred bass music and vibrations to all. Scott Hedstrom, also known as Sporeganic, is a multi-instrumental audio and visual artist from Portland, Oregon. Mixing eastern mystic soundscapes with West Coast bass style, Ninjamonk delivers calming, intentional music sure to sooth any soul. The sonic experience spans from mid to down tempo, with heavy bass lines, and exotic high frequencies. As Sporeganic, Scott has shared stages with Knowa Knowone, Bird of Prey, Funginears, Nicoluminous, Infected Mushroom & Beats Antique. He has played at festivals up and down the West Coast and played at several large camps at Burning Man over the years including; Fractal Nation. Additionally, Scott has designed albm art, graphics, and stickers for Street Ritual and has been a part of the family for years.

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