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4:27 AM May 14, 2014 ernone said:

1:25 PM April 5, 2014 tim807 via Mobile:

Can anyone tell me where to find Rayshid's cd
3:10 AM January 20, 2014 HustlerByNature89 said:

Ray the hardest nigga in y'all camp period
9:17 AM January 8, 2014 Livinglife187 said:

I first 48 that ***** man u know I kill it #barz I Just Jumped Off In A Coupe
9:02 AM January 8, 2014 Livinglife187 said:

That nigga Ray a certified beast y'all niggaz keep up the good work #$MGHOE
12:36 AM January 4, 2014 1stladyc85 said:

Nice whips and bout that life is my jam! I'm in luv with Ray's voice where can I find him on YouTube??
1:02 AM December 20, 2013 milaj said:

I love it
11:39 PM December 19, 2013 tim807 via Mobile:

Where can I find his cd I need it asap!!!!!