Maxo Kream - Purple Strikes

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Original Mixtape: Maxo Kream - Quicc Strikes

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5:46 PM December 11, 2013 Met09 said:

and SHOUT OUT to the chopstars fam boys hold it down for original unique music and not just mainstream. Niggas can say what they want about how we listen to our music BUT check the track selection
5:44 PM December 11, 2013 Met09 said:

Mad support and respect from the WEST swat swat till the top use to hoop wit maxo n his bro in the gap behind whataburger, cool people. Respect-
7:57 AM December 11, 2013 gbc_goon said:

mayne shout out MAXO.real nigga.. but **** KREAM CLICC alot of dem niggas *****
6:05 AM December 10, 2013 DLD214 via Mobile:

Gotta download it then
3:46 AM December 10, 2013 yanezabudu said:

Chopped Not Slopped - wtf is it? why they do it?? its awful!
9:00 PM December 9, 2013 Jayace via Mobile:

South West Alief Texas....(sw side of Houston)
2:21 PM December 9, 2013 DLD214 via Mobile:

Where he from