Rico Love - El Presidente


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6:57 PM January 3, 2014 mikelove4block said:

dis my nicca we from the same hood same label and all!!!!!!#hpt42
10:16 PM December 26, 2013 lakersheat via Mobile:

Paranoid Go In Real ****
7:02 PM December 15, 2013 terrio1852 said:

this **** was nice didn't expect it . he got flow .
6:32 PM December 14, 2013 status17 said:

classic Rico my dude from the start big fan!i enjoy every joint!don't sleep Love is a legendary writer!google it!oldschool too!
7:05 PM December 13, 2013 jasmine87 said:

His way of rapping is distinct; like once you hear him, you know it's him type sound. He's dope, I like him. He's a REAL songwriter!
1:41 PM December 13, 2013 DJFILLHERUP said:

Yea he definitely official abd he from dc
5:37 PM December 12, 2013 squanto said:

8:39 PM December 11, 2013 mcnabb757 via Mobile:

na he rap and sing he wrote ain't worried bout nothin and hit songs for usher google dat nigga I seen dat sht on his wiki bio