Quez - Black Boe Knows 2

DJs: DJ Drama
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5:50 PM August 18, 2015 SkeeLoThePro said:

@Mcrem it comes from bo Jackson at auburn but if you ever listened to travis porter whom quez was a member of he often calls himself black boe
11:30 PM March 2, 2014 skuff said:

#2, #6
6:28 PM February 10, 2014 zavianhayes10 said:

@Mcrem i dont think anyone even cares where he got it from but you.. Everyone here cares about his tracks not the name of the mixtape .. SMH you just wanted to say something that you think you know
10:35 AM February 10, 2014 mrkrazyatl via Mobile:

2:48 PM February 3, 2014 Mcrem said:

yall young boys dont even KNOW wher he got " BO (BOE) KNOWS " from lmao ****in lame *** lil kidz... get to 27yrold like me n you might KNOW
1:26 PM January 29, 2014 lordeezy41 said:

#4 goin far !!!!
3:51 PM January 19, 2014 06Adam said:

Aye he toughh
9:28 AM January 13, 2014 mastamindatl said: