Noithingness - BYA EP

Spotted At Cosmonostro's Website

Our very own dance floor engineer, @noithingness, returns with a trio of booty beats perfectly crafted for the club. Noï strikes hard and fast with two reinterpretations and an original which blend elements of house, trap, and jersey club into a unique twist on electronic club music. His edit of Asa’s The Way I Feel is a modern take on the sophistication of lounge music, followed by a remix of Mary J. Blige’s I Am which amplifies the bounce of the original with Noïthingness’ own style, then he finally closes out the trilogy with Macumba, a vogue anthem which sounds like it came from both the past and the future simultaneously. BYA is both everything we know and love, as well as everything we’ve ever wanted in a dance record, and Cosmonostro is proud to bring it to you.

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