Sir Charles - Suburban Rich

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10:06 PM March 24, 2014 Mr103rocky said:

Aye doe dis dat fye vote it up
3:12 PM January 6, 2014 daynep3 said:

Good job! I'm Proud of you our movement only gone get stronger! We playin chess not checkers! #CSM #SuburbanRich
12:25 AM January 6, 2014 YUNGLUDA said:

Just the beginning bro.
6:21 PM January 5, 2014 WayneCrazy via Mobile:

Good job man I'm proud of you use this as a stepping stone to build better moves n to grind on your work ethic ! Stay motivated your time is now
4:06 PM January 5, 2014 basketball54 via Mobile:

Dope 8 In the morning tonight lol
2:28 PM January 5, 2014 bb23_06 said:

Spittin' fye from start to finish. Puttin' Cleveland on the map. Keep the hits coming bruh.
1:51 PM January 5, 2014 Goodclevelandmusic216 said:

Finally some good cleveland rappers . good **** bro
12:49 PM January 5, 2014 doethapro1 via Mobile: