Jimmy Mulaaaa - Def Jam Cut The Check

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3:09 PM January 10, 2015 joy773 said:

hot baby
3:01 PM January 10, 2015 mulaaaagang said:

in here to support my family low end chiraq
2:56 PM January 10, 2015 absoul9 said:

this my guy
10:20 PM January 9, 2015 jmack773 said:

I knew buddie from south shore high school was a real stand up nigga
10:16 PM January 9, 2015 shane212 said:

I came here from new York to say this **** alright im banging it while im at work and its cool
10:10 PM January 9, 2015 jlo608 said:

I know this nigga and he always talking about designer **** probably got a little **** lol
10:05 PM January 9, 2015 flipper773 said:

I just came over to the mixtape after I seen itsreal85 post this **** and its hot
9:58 PM January 9, 2015 jimmybanks said:

showing my nigga from chiraq love he a real boss