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Pastor Troy - Crown Royal 4


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12:39 AM October 15, 2014 t_r_j said:

Not my cup of tea haven't listened to Pastor Troy since Face Off probably the best album he ever made
1:28 AM March 27, 2014 shykwon45 said:

i been waitin on some bang up clap up from them og rappas
7:49 AM March 10, 2014 viperfreak315 said:

RIP DOE B. from da 334.
12:35 PM February 26, 2014 lulew said:

thiz **** concrete, if u know P.T //OR// was diggin n e of the other 3 tapes.
6:25 PM February 19, 2014 Mcrem said:

I only Dl'd #11 n 20.. THE REST IS *** DOO
8:21 PM February 18, 2014 SILENCE57 said:

u would think this old *** nigga would of grown and hav mo **** 2 talk bout ak-47's and gettn crunk,too old 4 dis **** mane
11:17 AM February 17, 2014 joyful_adidas said:

This mixtape go hard. Proly some of the truest statements in it I've heard thus far!
1:06 AM February 17, 2014 mrchitown5 said:

Hoe u on patrol stalkin da net as usual i bet i can stay off here n comeback n see yo stupid *** on here as usual talkin bout nuthin like da true bish nigga u are real talk #FACTS BISH GETCHA MINDRITE