Rome Fortune - Beautiful Pimp 2

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6:16 AM December 13, 2016 law221 via iOS App:

I can't believe this project is still flying under the radar. It's 🔥 from start to finish.
10:08 PM April 7, 2015 Yoshi_Da_Kush_Man via Mobile:

Cool **** that straight beautiful pimp style I fux wit
3:39 PM February 18, 2014 rawdawgBT10 via Mobile:

****in with it
12:12 PM February 17, 2014 Bunkin said:

Never knew this guy. I heard this and just been banging in the whip!!
3:32 PM February 15, 2014 skuff via Mobile:

**** GUWOP
-1017 fags-
3:18 AM February 15, 2014 nodlehs86 said:

I like the album. Dope beats too thanks to Ceto. I feel the album is on the short side though but hey it's free, I really can't complain. Been a fan of Rome since BP1. LA here!
5:34 PM February 14, 2014 Dipset_22 said:

Definitely Audiodope, this **** goes hard!! I hear you brah...all da way from Florida
5:02 AM February 14, 2014 GalaKtiK said:

Way dope thanks!