Bunkie White - Risk, Sweat, & Years

24 year old Bunkie white, whose real name is Sydarius Reynolds he was born sept. 28 1989.he is an intellegent, hardworking, ambitious guy from a small city named Quitman, Ga.. he has been rapping 8years but didnt take the whole rap thing serious until his bestfriend "cno" was murdered the summer of 2008. cno dream was to set out and be a successful rapper so artist bunkie white set out and has been doing everything in his power to make that dream come true.Everything from dropping 2 and 3 mixtapes at a time, working with some of the Top djs,producers, and artist in the game to selling t-shirts,pants,and purses stamped with his logo. he is very creative, real, loyal, honest, humble, and determined he puts and over time it the recording rooms and can drop industry ready hits like its nothing. Bunkie white is self motivated and mainly powered by his 3 sons. He know he has to provide a better life for his kids. He also plays a big roll in his community. Him alongside a close friend purchased 100 backpacks filled with school supplies and passed them out to the kids in his town. They also threw community events for the grown folks and the kids where everything was free food, drinks, bounce house and etc. He also played a major part in the KJ movement the 17 year old boy that got killed in lowdnes county at the high school. He made a song and a video which aired on CNN twice. He's very loving and caring , appreciative, keeps God first and then family! And he's very aware of whats going on in these streets and is everything that this industry needs...

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