T-Mac - Still On My Grind


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12:41 AM March 10, 2014 FlightGangDjs912 said:

Everybody be forgettin bout Beach Boy ima make these niggas wake up real nigga put all these niggas in the game bruh word.! 843 D-Road Waylin Stand Up.!
11:28 PM February 22, 2014 NelsonFresh41 said:

843 stand up!!!
11:27 PM February 22, 2014 NelsonFresh41 said:

@Kryces yea thats him
4:50 PM January 30, 2014 Kryces said:

If this the T-Mac from South Carolina then he Official, My partna put me on him Years ago, like in 08
5:45 PM January 29, 2014 mrchitown5 said:

Yall excuse @1017my***** she bi polar n in denial bout herself she contradicts herself by accusin othaz of wut she really does so dnt pay @1017my***** she a dumb hoe real talk
11:10 AM January 22, 2014 SkateEmerica said:

1017thug a trip lmaooo
10:37 AM January 22, 2014 Natc601 said:

Yea Ima have to Side with Souf612 on this mane. 1017thug, There is no way that you can have a real job. You comment on many tapes to work. Unless livemixtapes is your job
6:44 AM January 22, 2014 Alvinpayne said:

Dis mixtape goes Hard!!!