EC Marv - Rich Dreams

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11:35 AM October 31, 2014 THEREAL_LILRICKY via Mobile:

Cleveland boys taking over music ***** #KILLLAND
12:27 PM April 21, 2014 BGF_Qwonno216 said:

4:02 PM April 3, 2014 Daksinovic said:

Man This Ni66A is straight A$$!!!! SMH DISGRACE TO THE 216 AND ESPECIALLY EC !!!!!!!
10:04 PM March 6, 2014 Booker131 said:

11:44 PM February 25, 2014 arbelo23 via Mobile:

Keep it up ! Doing awesome my man.
1:22 PM January 24, 2014 rocketboy10 said:

keep shinin nigga let niggas hate cus thats what lames do because they aint have the nuts to put on 4 their city #EASTCLEVELAND **** @JOE2TURNTUP
8:53 PM January 23, 2014 DJSycho said:

marv aint never gone make it because he play with his fans. he not serious he wanna be a boxer.
10:17 AM January 23, 2014 moneymainefull said:

Aye lil cuz I think this better than the last even tho its a classic keep feeding the streets what they wanna hear we rockin wit ya #Ec #b.$.h #H$H FIRE.........