Ducky Smallz - Luxury Pains

Ducky Smallz, in association with Rossi Mafia and The Good Guys present, "Luxury Pains", his second album in as many years. This project contains features from Jerreau, Astronaut KI, and production from Clockwork Muzik, Trap Money Benny, and Givtyd, just to name a few.

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11:56 AM April 11, 2014 wasaname said:

We **** wit this !
6:31 PM February 18, 2014 Mcrem said:

MOST THESE SONGS ON POINT DUCKY,, beats r nice wit good lyrics,, should have a higher score,, but there isnt alot of REAL NIGGAS left dat kno what good music is n e more,, SMFH
5:48 PM February 18, 2014 Mcrem said:

n I freestyle wit ez... of da top since 2010
5:48 PM February 18, 2014 Mcrem said:

1017 thugs booty hurt needs a hug
hating *** nigga get laid out on a rug
kick doe ya home walls coverd in blood
told da ****boi he aint want none
6:15 PM February 15, 2014 SamRick said:

This **** banging.... don't sleep on bro
12:02 PM February 4, 2014 zackb270 said:

Y all niggas tripping this **** go in
3:30 AM January 29, 2014 Cyro_Clipse said:

#newcleveland tape is hot **** the non-believers..
12:21 PM January 27, 2014 sbsn1990 said:

My nigga Ducky Smallz SNAPPED. If y'all not feeling this album its cause yah lame !!! #NewCleveland #RossiMafia #TheGoodGuys #OhioAgainstTheWorld

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